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Cat Enrichment Activities Now Available

Enrichment Activities can make a cat’s day interesting and help decrease boredom. To this end, Bark&Zoom is now offering optional enrichment activities to help your cat’s stay more stimulating, and even educational!

The following Enrichment Activities are available to all our feline guests. Each enrichment activity with a Bark&Zoom Pack Member lasts 20 minutes and is followed up with a report card sent to your email or phone! Simply review the offerings, and then let our staff know which ones you would like to order for your cat. See our Pricing Page for costs.

Cuddle Time

This activity is a favorite of the felines in our care. A staff member will spend 20 minutes of one-on-one time with your cat, with plenty of petting and treats.


Toy Time

If your cat is a bit more of an active companion, they may enjoy toy time! We have lots of toys for our kitty friends, and you will love the pictures or videos we will send you of your cat chasing toy mice or batting at feather toys.


Puzzle Time/Foraging

This one is great for the kitty Einsteins among our cat boarders! We have several puzzle toys that we will work with your cat to figure out how to get at the treats inside, or we will hide treats around our cat play area for them to sniff out. This activity is fantastic for cats that tend to bore easily.



We also offer cat grooming: 20 minutes of brushing, and detangling, if necessary.  Please note that there will be no report card with grooming, just a sleek coat!

If you have questions about Enrichment Activities, contact us at 512-817-BARK (2275) or [email protected]. Book the Enrichment Activities when you make your reservation, or when you bring you cat in for a stay.

There are also many different Enrichment Activities available for our canine guests. See the Pricing Page for a complete list.