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Austin Puppy Daycare

Bark&Zoom now offers puppy daycare! Drop your little buddy off to us and we’ll take care of them while you’re away. We also offer puppy training and obedience classes as well.

Puppy Daycare

Most people choose daycare for their dog for exercise, attention and stimulation — but at Bark&Zoom, we provide even more. Our Pack is comprised of dedicated dog trainers who will attend to every moment of your pup’s day in a way that ensures safety and fun, all while promoting polite behavior with dogs and people. With our state-of-the art facility, four play yards, and a doggie pool, puppies love it here!

We do our best to set up every dog to be as socially successful as possible by matching size, complimentary play styles, and age.

Learn more about Bark&Zoom Doggie Daycare.

Puppy Training and Obedience

Bringing home a new puppy for the family is an exciting time in any household. Puppies are adorably cute bundles of energy. However, that energy bundle can quickly lead to behavioral troubles if you don’t get things started on the right paw! From a behavior standpoint, a Bark&Zoom Puppy Consultation is the most valuable thing you can do for your new puppy and your household.

Our puppy consultation program is designed to provide the earliest training possible for your new canine family member. Our staff can work with your pup and teach him or her to avoid behaviors such as:

  • jumping
  • nipping
  • chewing
  • excessive barking or howling

We also can housebreak your puppy and teach him or her basic commands such as sit, down, and come. The puppy training program is ideal for puppies of any size and breed.

Learn more about Bark&Zoom Dog Training.

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