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Dog training at Bark&Zoom

Meet the Bark&Zoom trainers Bark&Zoom is fortunate to have two professional dog trainers on staff, and in the words of Rex Johnson, Bark&Zoom General Manager – Pet Hotel, “We have two of the best Trainers in the South!!” Lee Vann became a kennel tech at Taurus Academy two years ago. She followed her passion in… Read More

Play Ball at Bark&Zoom!

Celebrate March Madness 2021 with 21% off Ball Time  Does your dog love to play ball? We love it, too! Especially in March, when we are all ball-obsessed! If you are staying with Bark&Zoom, consider adding Ball Time to your dog’s stay, 21% off for the month of March. Your little ball-handler will find this… Read More

Day Training at Bark&Zoom

Bark&Zoom has long been known for its intensive Board&Train Program.  Designed to provide thorough yet fun training, this program teaches dogs to obey commands, recognize their owner as the Leader of Your Pack, and curb the most worrisome behaviors that may have prevented you from taking your dog out in public. Board&Train goes beyond your… Read More